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What is the hidden cause of knee and back pain in people over 50?

This week I published on my YouTube Channel a new free workout series, Fat Belly Yoga. Yoga for people who dont and cant do yoga! Out every Monday.

But I wanted to address something I see often in my online clients and my sports injury clinic. The “hidden” cause of knee and back pain, and how doing stretches and basic yoga poses that boost your overall injury prevention and performance in any form of exercise:

Dynamic balance!

Researchers found that people start seeing declines in their balance in their 50s. In fact, according to a study conducted by UCLA Health, men in their 40s can balance on one foot for at least a minute. But by the time they hit their 50s, this declines to around 45 seconds.

Worst part?

A lack of balance increases your chance of injury and knee and back pain. But don’t worry, just because losing your balance in your 50s is common doesn’t mean it has to happen to you.


Because by strengthening your ankles, knees, hips, and core, you can improve your balance—no matter your age. Remembering to engage the muscles in your lower body—your thighs, hips, and feet—in each stretch/pose to boost your stability.

Use my new free YouTube Fat Belly Yoga series videos to challenge your balance, and improve it. They started this week with absolute beginners and will build up over the weeks. Make sure you like and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get your new Monday morning workout each week!

Ready to improve your balance, boost your injury prevention, and address a hidden culprit behind your knee and back pain? Visit my YouTube channel now!

See You On The Workouts! Best Wishes


The Vegan Online Coach Ⓥ


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