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  • I Am Afraid That The Plan Is Not For Me, Should I Join?
    The plan is for everybody. It is mainly so that you can challenge YOURSELF to set a goal and achieve it in a 12 week period. Most of our members are beginners or have less than 1 years experience, so this is not some sort of elite challenge.
  • Are Fitness Plans Gym Or Home Based?
    After you’ve enrolled, you set your goal. If it is a fitness challenge you choose if you want to train at home or in the gym, you set a goal that is important to you. That’s what counts - you against you! I will then create your personalised program.
  • What Kind Of Results Can I Expect Regarding My Weight Loss And In What Time?
    Results are always dependent on many different factors, including age, experience, commitment to name some, so it is would be wrong to promise you something specific. What I can tell you though, is that 97% of my clients have achieved had at least an 11 pound weight loss in this program and most of them have been able to keep it off.
  • If I Exercise, Do I Have To Change My Exercise Habits In Some Direction?
    No, keep doing what you are doing, unless you want to, of course. Exercising is always encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • Do You Need Superfoods Or Nutritional Supplements?
    No, this program is based on eating healthy food and taking care of your body’s most important needs. There are some supplements that you could benefit from and those are mentioned separately, but in no way are those required in this program.
  • Is This Diet Right For Me?
    You will get tools and support that are 100% efficient, but the implementation is up to you.
  • Do I Commit To A Monthly Fee Or An Ongoing Membership?
    Online Coaching And Our Programmes are a one time payment no subscriptions or memberships.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Follow The Diet Per Month If You Buy Groceries From A Regular Supermarket?
    It won’t cost you more or less that what an average person is currently spending on food. This nutrition plan doesn’t include any special exotic foods or other expensive stuff.
  • How Much Do I Have To Limit My Eating Or, For Example, Treats?
    Part of the program is to teach you how you can enjoy treats and everything good (like alcohol or chocolate) in life without any guilt and while still achieving your goals. You can be as relaxed or strict with your eating as you wish.
  • I Already Know A Lot About Weight Management, But I Just Haven't Been Able To Put Things Into Practice. Do I Benefit From Coaching When There Is Already A Lot Of Information?
    Knowing things and being able to put them into practice are two totally separate things. This isn’t a theoretical course but a practical program that holds your hand and guides you all the way. It doesn’t matter how much you know or how much experience you have up until now. If you want a change, then this is the best option for you.
  • I Am Not Vegan / Vegetarian, Is The Diet Suitable For Me?
    Our nutrition plan is very flexible, it takes most of the food restrictions and special diets into consideration. You do not have to turn vegan or vegetarian.
  • How Does The Coaching Work In Practice, Are There Live Meetings Or Do You Have To Be There At A Certain Time?
    You can access support at any time in my online groups, in my app and by email. We will have optional 121 video call sessions which you book at a day/time to suit your schedule.
  • Do I Need To Be Good At Cooking To Follow This Plan?
    Definitely not! All the recipes in this course are specifically designed to be quick and easy for anyone to follow. We want you to get results without difficulty
  • When, And Where Does The Plan Take Place?
    My plan takes place online, so it can be started at any time.
  • Can I Re-Watch The Lessons And Workouts?
    Yes! You can re-watch any workout or video lesson as many times as you’d like for the duration of your membership. Once you sign up you will have access via the mobile app.
  • If I Sign Up When Does The Plan Start?
    When you sign up you can choose your start date.
  • Can I Sign Up If I Dont Live In The UK?
    Yes, of course it is available internationally. Please note, the plan and app is in English.
  • Do I Need To Pay Anything On Top Of The Membership Price?
    No everything you need for the plan is included. The app, me and all resources for the duration of the membership.
  • How Do I Download The App?
    Sign up to a programme and we will then send you a download link to the app as well as your sign in username and password.
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