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You Only Have One Body! Invest In It!

People worry about the cost of getting fit and healthy. In these difficult times and when we are all watching our wallets, it's easy to understand that how much things cost is important.

Now the trouble is, we need to ask ourselves what's the cost of not investing in our health and future? I often say to clients, add up the cost of these fad diets, the shakes people try to sell you, the slimming groups you might go to, gym memberships etc.

The cost of a personal trainer in the gym once a week, probably an average of £40 a week. Imagine a counselling session once a week at £60. Imagine a nutrition plan consultation at £40 if not more each week. This is out of the reach of most people to do each week. But the benefit of online coaching is you don't have to have that expense. It's more affordable, you get support between sessions with resources, support groups, my apps, and live 121 check ins.

An online coach like myself who is qualified in Nutrition, Personal Training and Life coaching is going to give you’re a much more most affordable option with personalised support for your goals.

If you don't change your ways, if you carry on eating what you're eating, add up the price of those weekly takeaways, the junk food in your shopping basket; add up the cost of not getting the promotion you want or not starting the business you have always dreamed of. Finally add up the costs that you can't really put a price on, which is missing out on activities, not being able to play with kids. Missing grandchildren grow up. I know it all sounds hard hitting and morbid, but that's the reality.

You've only got one body. It'll be around lot longer than anything else you purchase. It's not about can you afford it; but can you afford not to? Prioritising the investment in yourself; so, you have a fit, happy, healthy lifestyle and awesome future!

Book a free zoom “Arse Kick” call with me, Gary, The Vegan Online Coach. I can help you set your goals and achieve the transformational results you need!


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