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Gym to Splendor: My House of Lords and Champagne Adventure!

Last Wednesday marked a day that transcended the ordinary for me—a day when I traded my gym kit for a suit and tie and embarked on a rainy morning train journey to the illustrious House of Lords.

The reason? An invitation to speak at the launch of the "Catering For All Report" by the All Parliamentary Group of Vegetarianism and Veganism.

As I navigated the security checks, passed the armed guards and stepped into a realm far removed from my usual fitness gym haven, the questions lingered: Why me? Why veganism? What did the government hope to gain from our discussion?

Admittedly, my initial reaction to the invite a few weeks before was disbelief, questioning if it were an elaborate practical joke. Even as I now sipped champagne in a lavish reception room, surrounded by fellow vegan professionals, MPs, and peers, a part of me awaited the punchline.

As the meeting unfolded, it became evident that something crucial had brought this diverse group together—the urgent need for change.

Not a change driven by a newfound government allegiance to animal rights (unfortunately), but a recognition of the multifaceted crisis facing the UK.

From the strain on the NHS due to obesity-related illnesses to the rising cost of meat impacting everyday lives, and the looming specter of climate change—the issues were pressing, and a shift to plant-based living emerged as a viable solution. A problem when people moan about a "nanny state".

Amidst the eloquent speakers and flowing questions, the government's challenge became apparent: convincing a nation to embrace a plant-based diet.

The discussion delved into strategies to collaborate with councils, hospitals, schools, and government departments to promote vegan options and educate the public on the imperative to change.

Why was I, a vegan online coach, invited? Perhaps because, as the UK's Leading Vegan Online Coach, armed with qualifications in personal training, nutrition, and life coaching, I embody the ideal ally in helping people thrive on a plant-based diet, I mean I have been there and done it with thousands of clients and tens of thousands of social media followers.

As the meeting concluded, we left the splendor of the House of Lords, passing by armed guards in the winter darkness. Pinching myself, I couldn't help but marvel at the reality of the experience—a Wednesday afternoon well spent.

The honor bestowed upon me just to be invited was profound, and I hope my contribution aids the cause in some way.

More than anything, I wish that, for the sake of animals, health, wallets, and the planet, more people will find their way to a plant-based or fully vegan lifestyle.

On a personal note, my own journey from gym floor to the House of Lords was unexpected, but this once in a lifetime invite, and its impact is one that will resonate and stay with me for the rest of my lifetime!

Cheers to unexpected adventures!

For The Animals!

Gary Ⓥ

The Vegan Online Coach


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