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Embarking on your gym journey shouldn't be daunting. "Your First Gym Plan for Women" is your roadmap to confidence and fitness. This 8-week programme is meticulously crafted to guide beginners or those seeking to elevate their fitness regime. With a focus on tangible results, this plan covers all bases, ensuring you stride into the gym with purpose. Our comprehensive guide begins with the Beginners Guide Handbook, unraveling gym jargon and offering exercise demos for flawless form. Dive into goal-oriented training and master your mindset as you navigate through the intricacies of energy balance and nutrition choices, maximizing your workout potential. Equip yourself with the knowledge of gym equipment and warm-up techniques, and seamlessly follow a tailored workout schedule. Progress through Phase 1 with clarity and receive expert guidance on advancement strategies. Prioritise recovery, mitigate risks of injuries, and explore supplement recommendations in our extensive FAQ section. Conquer the gym with "Your First Gym Plan for Women." An 8-week programme for beginners, offering structured workouts and expert guidance.


Please Note This Is The Programme Guide Book Add On Only, And Doesnt Include Online Programme Resources Or Access.

Your First Gym Plan For Women

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