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Embark on a transformative journey to better health with "Walking For Health, Complete 4 Week Programme." Crafted by The Fitness And Nutrition Coach, this groundbreaking programme is tailored for older individuals and those with limited mobility, revolutionizing the concept of walking as a potent fitness tool. Over four weeks, follow a meticulously planned regimen, elevating each step to enhance stamina, shed calories, and nurture a stronger heart. With accessible instructions and unwavering support, this program ensures progress is achievable for everyone. Empower your journey with our mobile app and online dashboard, offering guidance anytime, anywhere. Track your progress effortlessly. As an NHS Approved Supplier, trust in the UK's leading online walking for health programme. Transform your health with a 4-week walking programme for all levels. Expert guidance and holistic wellness await! This comprehensive guide, crafted by The Fitness And Nutrition Coach, is tailored for those with restricted movement due to conditions like blood clots, factor V Leiden, or peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Through this specially designed 4-week programme, individuals can engage in an effective exercise routine, fostering strength, flexibility, and overall wellness one step at a time!


Please Note This Is The Programme Guide Book Add On Only, And Doesnt Include Online Programme Resources Or Access.

Walking For Health 4 Week Programme

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