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Embark on a journey to fitness and vitality with "Chair-Based Exercise For Limited Mobility, Complete 4 Week Programme." This comprehensive guide, crafted by The Fitness And Nutrition Coach, is tailored for those with restricted movement due to conditions like blood clots, factor V Leiden, or peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Through this specially designed 4-week programme, individuals can engage in effective exercise routines while seated, fostering strength, flexibility, and overall wellness. Delve into a transformative fitness experience with a 50-page guidebook, detailing a structured workout plan for four weeks. The programme includes easy-to-follow instructions and follow-along videos, ensuring accessibility and confidence in every movement. With just a chair as equipment, this regime is convenient for all, removing barriers to achieving fitness goals. Elevate your fitness, whether seated or standing, and embrace vitality with "Chair-Based Exercise For Limited Mobility, Complete 4 Week Programme. Discover vitality through seated fitness! Join our 4-week programme for limited mobility, inclusive workouts, nutrition plans & coaching support.


Please Note This Is The Programme Guide Book Add On Only, And Doesnt Include Online Programme Resources Or Access.

Chair-Based Exercise 4 Week Programme

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