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Embark on a transformative 12-week journey with the "SHRED 12 Week Programme: The Ultimate Guide." Crafted by The Fitness And Nutrition Coach, this comprehensive programme goes beyond typical fitness routines. It's a holistic approach integrating advanced gym training, nutritional expertise, mindset refinement, and unwavering support. Delve into the programme's core, starting with a detailed overview of the 12-week transformation journey. Learn the intricacies of energy balance and targeted fat loss, precisely calculate your calorie and macro needs, and master the art of balancing macronutrients with tailored food choices. Design your personalised meal plan effortlessly and explore delicious recipes for all occasions. Unleash the potency of focused gym training across three distinct phases, each contributing to your sculpted, resilient physique. Follow the meticulously crafted weekly workout split, complete with essential warm-up and stretching routines. Gain insights into recommended supplements, prioritise rest and recovery, and embrace gratitude for the journey of transformation. Transform your body with the "SHRED 12 Week Programme: The Ultimate Guide." Advanced gym training, nutrition mastery, and mindset elevation for women's fitness.


Please Note This Is The Programme Guide Book Add On Only, And Doesnt Include Online Programme Resources Or Access.

12 Week Shred For Women: The Ultimate Guide

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