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Vegan Nutrition Course

  • 16Weeks
  • 38Steps
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Are you interested in switching to a plant based diet or already vegan and want to understand how to optimise your diet to feel and look your best? Do you want to understand how to lose weight or gain muscle on a healthy vegan diet? Embarking on a vegan or plant-based journey is a powerful choice, and our "Online Vegan Nutrition Course" is your comprehensive guide to making this transition seamlessly. Crafted by the UK's leading Vegan Online Coach, this program goes beyond recipes – it's a holistic approach to thriving on a plant-based lifestyle. Discover the science behind vegan nutrition, learn how it can benefit your health, and delve into weight loss strategies and muscle-building techniques tailored for plant-based diets. Uncover the secrets to making lasting, positive changes in your eating habits with results that endure. Our program extends beyond theory with 15 FREE eBooks covering topics from dining out on a vegan diet to conquering emotional eating and identifying the best nutrition supplements. Become a plant-based pro with over 30 video tutorials covering vegan nutrition. Included in your journey is a downloadable vegan recipe book, an online coaching tracker for guided support, and full access to our nutrition course. Enjoy downloadable recipes, personalised calorie and macro goals, and coaching support through Zoom group sessions, an online community, and personalised action plans. Our mobile app ensures anytime, anywhere access, allowing you to track your progress effortlessly – from weight and measurements to activity and nutrition. With optional 121 Zoom coaching sessions, full tutorial videos, and guaranteed results backed by six months of access, you're supported by qualified UK-based coaches in the UK's top-rated fitness and nutrition programme. Join now to experience the award-winning professionalism of our coaches and kickstart your vegan journey. Your radiant health and nutritional mastery await!


2 Plans Available, From £9.99/month + £10.00 Joining Fee

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Vegan Fitness & Nutrition Group

Vegan Fitness & Nutrition Group

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