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Vegan Condoms

When first vegan I didn't know that condoms contained casein, which is from milk. Then there wasn't much choice, the vegan ones I found then smelt, didn't fit and split! Thank god now there are some great vegan condom brands, so no excuse vegan guys, cover up!

Being vegan as we know isn't just about food, its about lifestyle and every product we use. When you are first vegan everything can seem daunting. But trust me it gets better.

Sometimes we cant find what we need so we have to make our moral choice, this happened to me once when I didn't have a vegan condom and the thought of the available alternative, using something made from animals, for such an intimate act, meant I declined the "experience" altogether!

So be prepared with all your vegan essentials, dont get caught out, and guys if you are prepared with vegan condoms, you will instantly be more attractive to your partner!


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