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Do You Smell Like A Vegan?

I was a basic Lynx Boy, and that was really all I had known up to when I became Vegan. But then, I became Vegan. I was paranoid about smelling because I could no longer do the boy thing of drowning myself in Lynx.

There was a study in 2006 by Chemical Senses, comparing a vegan diet to a meat eaters’ diet, and they found that vegans have a more attractive, masculine and more pleasant body odour compared to meat eaters.

So, we do smell, but we smell better! But I will be honest, there was about six weeks where I didn’t smell good. I showered loads, I tried all the different vegan deodorants.

I experimented with different products. I went to an eco-shop, I found lots of the own brand products in Tesco’s at the time had a nice clear suitable for vegan’s label on. So, I used them initially, but I ended up smelling like generic washing up liquid. I didn't really feel that I smelt like a man, and nothing seemed to work long term.

I'm not vain, it wasn't going to prevent me from being vegan, but I was paranoid about it. Then I learnt it's sulphur that's in meat which causes that body odour smell, as well as bacteria. I was told to stick with it and that it would settle down once the sulphur from a meat-eating diet was out my system.

When we're looking at transition from a meat and diet to a vegan diet, you do have that kind of hangover of the meat sulphur is in your system and it really depends on your lifestyle and how much that is in your body, how long that hangover takes. For me it took probably about four to six weeks before I got past it.

When I got over that meat hangover, then actually the natural deodorants worked a lot better. There are so many more natural deodorants on the market and that do give you more of a masculine smell if that's what you're after.

Now when I work out, if it's a hot day, I don't get as sweaty as I used to and I don't get natural body odour smell as much.

So, do I smell like a vegan? Yeah, I smell like a vegan. Because according to the science, we smell better, we're more attractive and smell more masculine!


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