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4 Week Walking For Health Programme

  • 4Weeks
  • 29Steps
Everyone who has completed at least one step will get a badge when the program ends.


Revitalise your health and well-being with The Fitness And Nutrition Coach's innovative 4-Week Walking for Health Programme. Aimed at older individuals and those with limited mobility, this program redefines the potential of a simple walk, turning it into a powerful tool for building stamina, burning excess calories, and promoting a healthier heart. The programme spans four weeks, offering a comprehensive workout plan with clear instructions, ensuring that every step is purposeful and effective. More than just a fitness routine, our programme provides realistic support for progressively increasing your step count, making it accessible and achievable for everyone. Walk confidently, knowing that you're on a path to more active living—one step at a time. Designed to be inclusive and optimised for individuals with limited mobility, this programme is your ticket to better health, irrespective of your current fitness level. Dive into a full online community and connect with a dedicated coach who provides unwavering accountability and support throughout your journey. But that's not all—our 4-Week Walking for Health Programme is a holistic wellness experience. Gain full access to training and nutrition plans, illustrated workouts, and a nutrition course that complements your walking routine. Enjoy downloadable recipes, a meal planning book, and coaching support that goes above and beyond the norm. Engage in free Zoom group coaching sessions, connect with a supportive online community, and receive a personalised coaching action plan and review from your coach. Your journey is not confined by location or time; with our mobile app and online coaching dashboard, you have guidance at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere. Keep track of your progress effortlessly with our online tracker, and opt for optional 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions for a more personalized touch. As an NHS Approved Supplier, we take pride in being the UK's premier online walking for health programme.


2 Plans Available, From £9.99/month + £10.00 Joining Fee

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4 Week Walking For Health Programme Group

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