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Fit & Toned In 8 Weeks Programme

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Welcome to "Fit & Toned In 8 Weeks," the ultimate fitness and nutrition programme tailored exclusively for busy women seeking transformative results. This comprehensive 8-week roadmap is designed to sculpt your body, boost your confidence, and elevate your overall well-being—all from the comfort of your home, armed with just a set of dumbbells. Our programme goes beyond traditional workout routines, providing essential tools for goal setting, mindset mastery, and efficient energy balance management. Dive into nutritional guidance with options tailored to your lifestyle—portion sizing or tracking calories and macros—with practical meal plan examples and a treasure trove of healthy recipes to fuel your journey. Understand your training program with illustrated training plans, warming up, and stretching routines. Navigate your 8-week journey through a phased dumbbell workout approach, focusing on Weeks 1-4 and Weeks 5-8 for optimal results. Prioritise recovery and injury prevention, explore recommended supplements, and find answers to frequently asked questions in our comprehensive FAQ section. Engage with our extensive support system, including a 50-page programme guidebook, full training and nutrition plans, and online coaching trackers for guided support. Access downloadable recipes, a meal planning book, and enjoy free online Zoom group coaching sessions within a supportive community. Benefit from coaching action plans, reviews, and an online coaching dashboard for continuous motivation. Our programme provides anytime, anywhere access through a user-friendly mobile app, offering support via email, in-app, chat, and group channels. Track your progress effortlessly with our online tracker, covering weight, measurement, activity, wellbeing, and nutrition. Experience optional 121 Zoom coaching sessions and the flexibility of printed programme guide books. Results are guaranteed, backed by six months of access to the programme and support.


2 Plans Available, From £9.99/month + £10.00 Joining Fee

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Strong, Fit & Toned In 8 Weeks Programme Group

Strong, Fit & Toned In 8 Weeks Programme Group

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