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4 Week Chair Workout Programme

  • 4Weeks
  • 49Steps
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Elevate Your Fitness, Seated or Standing! Unleash Vitality with Our 4-Week Chair-Based Exercise Programme—Specially Designed for Every Body Discover a transformative fitness journey tailored to those with limited mobility through The Fitness And Nutrition Coach's 4-Week Chair-Based Exercise Workout Programme. Our head coach, well-acquainted with the challenges of blood clots, factor V Leiden, and peripheral arterial disease (PAD), personally understands the impact of chair-based exercise. This program is not just a workout; it's a lifeline for those seeking an effective fitness routine despite physical limitations. Unlock a 50-page guidebook download that outlines a comprehensive workout plan for four weeks, supported by easy-to-follow instructions. Dive into engaging workout sessions with follow-along videos, ensuring every move is executed with confidence. Designed to accommodate individuals with limited mobility, this program requires nothing more than a chair, making it accessible and convenient for all. Benefit from full training and nutrition plans, illustrated training programs, and access to our nutrition course. Enjoy downloadable recipes, a meal planning book, and coaching support that goes above and beyond. Participate in free Zoom group coaching sessions, connect with a supportive community, and receive personalized coaching action plans and reviews. The inclusivity of our program is reflected in its accessibility—anytime, anywhere. Utilize our online coaching dashboard, mobile app, and communication channels (Email, In-App, Chat & Group Support) for guidance and motivation. Keep track of your progress effortlessly with the online tracker, and opt for 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions for a more personalized touch. As an NHS Approved Supplier, we take pride in being the UK's premier fitness and nutrition programme, rated 5 stars on TrustPilot and unwavering support from our qualified UK-based coaches.


2 Plans Available, From £9.99/month + £10.00 Joining Fee

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4 Week Chair Workout Programme Group

4 Week Chair Workout Programme Group

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